Our teacher makes our work fun – we still do the work, but we actually want to work!” - Sacred Heart Primary School student


Teaching and learning at Sacred Heart Primary School starts with high expectations of behaviour from all students so they can learn in a supported environment of care, consistency and curriculum.

Student-centric ‘no excuses’ learning takes place as students are taught by expert teachers and learn how to use their minds to develop critical and creative thinking skills.

The school’s core values and Habits of the Mind and Habits of the Heart learning dispositions of curiosity, persistence, communication, making connections and independence are cultivated in every student every day so they can strive to achieve their personal best.

Teachers aim to deliver subjects in a fun and engaging way so that all students enjoy their learning.

“The ‘persistence jar’ has helped us understand that learning is hard work. We know that we shouldn’t just give up and that we should keep trying until we get it!” - Sacred Heart Primary School Year 6 student

Read about our Core Values and Habits of the Mind and Habits of the Heart below.