Parent Partnership Forum

Parents and carers are invited to participate in the school’s Parent Partnership Forum (PPF). The PPF provides an alternate model which integrates the functions of the school board and the Parents and Friends Association (P&F). Parents have an advisory role in decisions made in the development and implementation of policies of the school as well as the provision of resources.

Parent voice is integral to developing and delivering relevant and comprehensive services to our community. As a school we acknowledge parents as the first educators of their children and essential to ensuring their wellbeing. We know that best outcomes happen when we work with parents and carers for the benefit of their child.

The PPF meet formally four times per year and informally when required. The school also runs parent information nights, celebrations of learning events and assemblies to keep our parent community informed.

Contributing to the school through supporting fundraising, donating time in the tuckshop, the library and reading groups are just some of the ways parents can become involved.

Further parent information

Click here to view the Catholic School Parents Australia website and to access parent engagement resources and information developed for families to help children make the transition into primary and secondary school a smooth an enjoyable one. 

View the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Parent Engagement Charter here.