Vision, mission and motto


With dignity and price, resilience and responsibility, in the Mercy Tradition we at Sacred Heart welcome and serve others.


Sacred Heart Primary School community lives the Gospel values of care, respect and compassion for all. Christian spirit and values permeate all areas of learning and school life and determine the atmosphere of the school. We aspire to be a living faith community together with the Parish, parents and other community members.

Our school acknowledges parents as the first educators and we work with home and community to support the needs of individuals. Sacred Heart Primary School endeavours to provide relevant learning experiences and respond to the needs of the broader community of which it remains an integral part.


Become Who You Are

School Prayer

Dear Lord,

Bless our school,
So that working and playing together,
We may be like Jesus in words and actions.
Lord of the loving heart,
May our hearts be loving too.
Lord of the gentle hands,
May our hands be gentle too.
We ask this through Jesus our teacher.